AlbumS & Portrait Design


Steven Serge Photography is a custom family photographer service based in Clarks Summit Pennsylvania specializing in genuine lifestyle moments with a dash of traditional portraiture. Custom tailored family albums, prints, framing and canvases offered with every session.


If you have moved beyond the typical “studio/sit/smile/say cheese” type of photography offered by others in our area you have come to the right place.

If you are also left feeling empty that your photo sessions of the past never produced a stunning lifestyle Family Album or gorgeous piece of professional wall art to act as a centerpiece in your home, you have again, come to the right place.

Steve will take care of every step from start to finish. From discussing and tailoring the setting of your photo shoot, to helping you proof and select GORGEOUS edited photos of your family for albums and artwork and gifts for loved ones. This isn’t the county fair. This is Disney Land and just as you have choices for your family vacations and you have choices for your family’s memories, heritage and heirlooms. It’s where interior design and family photos merge and the design part can be equally as fun as the photo session with your children running around in a beautiful field at sunset while we capture those moments. At Steven Serge Photography, we will take care of everything right down to hand delivering your artwork to your doorstep. The only thing you need to do is give Steve a call and have a magical experience at your photo and artwork design sessions. Steve will take care of the rest.


Call Steve today for a brief overview of the process and chat about custom portrait design before your session is even booked. The walls of your home will be glad you did. 



(570) 815-6880


1502 Layton Road             Clarks Summit Pennsylvania 18411

Hours (by appt only)

M-F 9am–6pm
Sat  9am-2pm