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Steven Serge Photography is currently booked for available wedding dates thru 2019.

Please check back for future availability…


Thank you.

Did you notice something? Almost all of these images are genuine & caught in the moment. They are real. They are fun. They are emotion. If this describes how you envision your wedding day and the images it will produce, along with amazing portrait work you should give me a call to chat. Steven Serge Photography is a not just pictures but a style of photography that mixes art and life. Images of you. Images that will adorn your home timelessly. It's where art, fashion and fun collide because that's what it should be about. Photojournalism at it's finest. If you continue to view the photos on my site and keep coming back it's because we already have a connection. Now all you need to do is pick up the phone and let's chat about your story. Your life. Real. Life. You.