Nothing better than a Christmas Card & Engagement photo combined...

As 2015 winds down, I get reminded more and more how awesome and fun the clients are that my shooting style attracts. It's so much fun & refreshing to see clients who understand that every photo doesn't have to be the "eyes closed/head nod/fake smile pose". Autumn & Jason clearly understood that. We shot on the private Waverly tree farm where I am wrapping up Christmas Card sessions this month and couldn't have picked a better day. Granted, it was a little chilly & windy, but that didn't stop these two from being themselves and just having fun. Wether it's engagement photos or your actual wedding photography, if you are not having fun in front of the camera you are not doing it right. Personality, spontaneity and understanding that good photography isn't about a drawn out pose is what leads to photos like these. It's a fine line where artist meets spur of the moment action photographer. Many photographers claim to shoot a photojournalistic style but not many pull it off consistently (remember my blog post this past September about paying attention to reception photography brides? in case you missed it, click here: RECEPTION PHOTOS )

Clearly that energy & personality shows with Autumn & Jason. It will make their day more fun, enjoyable, memorable and most of all, their photos will come out amazing. 

Happy Holidays! 

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