Simple Math lesson for hiring your photographer...

With the busy booking season upon us, I thought some good advice for hiring your wedding photographer is warranted and it's pretty simple when you look at the mathematics of your day:

Average wedding day coverage: 10 hours

Average amount of natural light photography: 2-3 hours

Average amount of time spent indoors with dim lighting: 7 HOURS.

I bring this up because recently a client/friend asked me for an opinion on another photographers work as I was already booked for their late 2016 date. All of the work on this photographer's site/blog was beautiful and I truly mean that. There was just one flaw in relation to an entire wedding day: every photo was POSED NATURAL LIGHT SHOT done at 5pm in a field.  Every photographer, myself included, nails these shots because the natural light is perfect at that hour before sunset but what about the other 5 hours spent in a dark reception hall? Or outdoor tent event at night when there is no 'natural light'?....What concerned me from a HIRING & INVESTMENT perspective was there were no shots shown in a dark church on a cloudy day. There were no indoor portraits in a dim room in the event it was pouring rain. It would great to able to hire your wedding photographer based on the same outdoor light/pose over and over but that's not going to be your 10 hour day. Suppose it rains that day and rains hard? Or snows, hard (true story, happened). Even with good weather, let's not forget your 5 hour dimly lit wedding reception with fancy uplighting that you paid thousands and thousands of dollars to rent - don't you want the photos of this half of your day to be their best? Then why isn't your potential photographer showing you these shots?

It takes a certain personality of your photographer to even be able to pull off these shots. Are they timid and working from the sidelines or will they grab two cameras and get in the middle of the action with your family and guests? 

This isn't a dig or bash on other photographers. The other photographers work was very nice if not excellent - but it wasn't COMPLETE and that's not fair to you as a client. Are you looking at a cross-section of the entire day or just a 30 minute moment of a photographer at his/her best moment? This about trying to give clients the best product for their PAID WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY INVESTMENT. If half of your wedding day is going to be in a dim reception hall and your are spending thousands of dollars on all day coverage, does it really make sense to hire off NATURAL LIGHT OUTDOOR SHOTS alone? 

Just some food (and numbers) and wedding cake for thought...

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