Cassidy & Brian: Elk Mountain Engagement

When Cassidy contacted me about shooting near Elk Mountain, I thought it was going to be pretty cool. When she informed me we were going to shoot ON TOP of Elk Mountain, well I thought that would be super cool and it didn't disappoint. It turned overcast for our shoot but that makes for some wonderful soft light in wide open spaces and some really neat light pockets in the woods if you look properly. Much like my previous engagement shoot over last weekend, my "warm up" speech on how to look natural in front of the camera worked like a charm and within minutes we weren't "taking pictures" - we were "having fun" because that's what the connection between you and your wedding photographer should be - having fun while producing great images....Cassidy, Brian & myself included were pretty amazed how quickly the 2.5 hours we spent together flew by but when you have large German Shepards charging at you, time always flies ;-) (photographers note: the only danger I was in was getting licked to death as he's just a big playful puppy).