Senior Photographer

Catie's Abington Heights Senior Portraits

Let's be realistic. Most seniors in high school (girls & guys) don't have legitimate modeling experience in front of a camera or a professional photographer. There's nothing wrong with that, it's simply a coming of age process. But this is also precisely why most  senior shoots look like the same pose & fake smile over and over and over again minus a different tree to stand next to. The personality of your hired photographer is just as essential as the personality of your senior being photographed. The connection between the client & photog is crucial. If it's awkward, the photos will look awkward. If it's uncomfortable, the photos will show the same.  I'm not claiming to be a professional stand-up comedian by any means, but if your photographer evokes the same emotion and personal interaction as wet sock, your photos will suffer. Getting a person to open up, laugh a little and gesture naturally in front of the lens is as much of an art form as the actual photography itself. Precisely why all of Catie's photos look natural, genuine and most importantly, worth every penny. 

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