Wedding day photos

A New Year, a New Me & New Us...

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed by what 2015 has produced. Between Weddings, Family, In-Home Newborn shoots, the Christmas Mini's and my favorite day of donating services by photographing families with Autistic children, it has been amazing to say the least. 

2016 is already shaping better than last. I'm nearing capacity with the amount of weddings I planned on accepting with awesome clients tying the knot and I have a new price structure for family shoots that includes the word FREE. Yes, that's right, family sessions will be shot with no up front fees. Why you ask? Because I want you to see the images before spending a penny. I want to you to LOVE the images, not just like them. I am so confident that you will, I am no longer charging up front for private family sessions. The only downside is I am again, limited to the number of new clients I can take on this year so hit me up on an email or phone call and we'll chat about how the new session format will work. The recent clients of this set up LOVED what it had to offer all and I'm proud do say I am the only photographer in the Northeast willing to offer this. Because I know you will love your images.  Happy New Year! - Steve (570) 815-6880

Oh, and while we're here (and I'm updating the site for 2016) a quick peek at Dana & Josh's amazing New Year's Eve wedding in Scranton Pennsylvania with reception at Fiorelli's in Peckville PA. 

Wedding Photography and Photojournalism in downtown Scranton

Probably, one of the more memorable moments of Jeff & Lindsey's amazing day (and there were MANY moments from smiles to tears) was half way through their reception. We decided to shoot Lindsey's fashion shots a little later in the evening at the Scranton Public Library while the reception was going on - quickly though, so they could get back to their guests...but funnily enough, I felt this was one of the most calm and relaxing moments of their day. It was just the two of them (and yours truly), hanging out, enjoying the calmness, enjoying each other, sitting on the steps & bench taking in the sunset & perfect light. No decisions, no emergencies, no schedule, no vendors or guests to answer to - just them. Honestly, I've never seen this level of contentment in a couple during a wedding. I actually wanted to leave them alone for some quiet time but seeing as how they were paying me, I felt it best to stick around. Check out "their" moment and several others below from the Scranton Cultural Center...

Enjoy! Steve (570) 815-6880