childrens portraits

2 Things I love to hear from clients before a session....

No, I'm not talking about hearing compliments or how a client loves my previous work. I am talking about clients giving some input and developing some communication regarding the images we will be produce. Naturally, my clients come to me looking for a certain style and depending what we are shooting, there are boundaries. 

When this stunning little girl's mother came to me for Communion photos, she said the 2 most wonderful things I love to hear as a photographer: 

1) She didn't want "traditional".

2) She was willing to go to a location of my choice.

Simple statements, but well needed to produce images like these. In order to get to this location at South Abington Park, we need to walk off the paved trail, down a dirt path, over some water run-off/mud and of course down into the creek area. All dressed in white. With some careful steps and a little direction, those 2 statements aided in producing these images. If the Mom insisted we took photos in the grass in the hash light, we would never have produced images like these. 

Moral of the story: Be open to your photographers direction & creativity. That is, after all, what you are paying them for. 

Enjoy! -Steve (570) 815-6880