Online Classifieds.....And your photos.

A slight step outside my normal portrait & wedding photography you normally see here but felt this applies to just about everyone these days. Have you ever advertised something on Craigslist or eBay? Then this applies to you: Take excellent photos for your advertisement. No, I don't mean you should hire a professional photographer to take photos of a $5 can of used tennis balls for Craigslist but take the time to take nice photos of what you are advertising. If it's dusty - clean it. If it's apart - put it together. If there are multiple items that go together to make a set - photograph all of them to show it's complete. With the amount of iphones and excellent cameras on smartphones these days there is no excuse for a bad photo of something you are planning on advertising for sale. Humans are visual creatures first and foremost. Everyone (myself included) is guilty of skipping the fine print and going straight to the photo of an online ad or classified so cater to this. You almost have to treat your advertisement as if the buyer is purchasing the PHOTO of the product and not the ACTUAL product. Start thinking with this mentality and you'd be surprised how much difference there can be in your ability to sell and how much faster you will have results. And never, ever, ever place an ad without a photo if the advertising format allows for photos.