family photographs

You're not a bad Mommy. You just don't value family portraiture.

As I wrapped up 2017 and the massive amount of wall art and portraits we created this year, there was a revelation. Not from our current clients or clients that placed orders big and small but from the clients whom I spoke with between summer and holiday sessions who simply had no interest in family portraiture other than "I just need a christmas card pic."

Revelation: You don't value properly displayed family photography. And that's ok...


Custom photography and portraiture of your children and family displayed in your home is a luxury. But it is not a luxury on the send of a brand new Porsche or $5k designer handbag. It is a luxury in the sense that it takes an investment of both your time and an investment of funds that is surprisingly affordable by any family that has the means of taking family vacations these days. Today's parent that ignores displaying appropriately sized most commonly will blame the "time" factor before the monetary expense of not having images of your family displayed in your home for years to come - and that's ok if you don't value it. For those that do value appropriately sized artwork of your family, our larger pieces of wall art can be bought for a few hundred dollars -  surely affordable by today's mid-level working family that values the time and investment to create it.  But for many, there are some luxuries that are simply valued more than others. Do you value that handbag or shoes more than a framed canvas of your children? Do you value leasing that new 2018 model vehicle more than displaying your family heritage throughout your home? Do you feel that hoarding digital files that never make it to your wall space is the proper way of displaying and enjoying images and moments with your loved ones? Do you realize that those digital images will eventually expire much like floppy disks and old iphones? Or is your excuse the most popular that you simply don't have the time? The hour or two to create something that will be adorned for 20 years?

I'm sure some of you are reading this and saying, "hey, look at my 8x10's hung on the wall - I value photography!" but what you don't realize is that 8x10's are considered desktop display size & not appropriately sized for wall display.

Many people don't value investing the time and energy into preserving their heritage with displayed wall art portraiture and that's ok. Other than my wife assisting me in between her Catholic teaching position,  I am a  sole one man operation. Honestly, if every person in Northeast PA valued family photography as our regular clients, I would never be able to handle the workload. And I am ok with that. I would prefer to work with, design and photo portraits for families who value capturing memories and stages of their children and loved ones and turn them into museum like artwork for their home. Artwork that is appropriately sized for your home and makes house guests jealous when seen for the first time. Making family artwork that will be displayed for years if not decades to come. Artwork that in 30 or 40 years, the children that are in the portrait above your fireplace will be arguing who gets it as an heirloom when you and I are moving on in life.

To my existing and current clients investing in your heritage and making beautiful artwork for display, I cannot thank you enough as it is an honor to be part of that process. For clients that simply don't value your own heritage, that's ok too. We all have our own preferences on what truly makes us happy and if custom photography is an arduous task for you, I completely understand. I just hope you won't regret that point of view in 20 years.