lake scranton

Rosa & Mike...a church, a reception and bar in between.

I'm not going to lie. I have a great time shooting weddings. It's probably one of the most fun jobs in the world while you are working non-stop for sometimes 12 hours straight. Rosa & Mike's day was no different and even up a notch. Their entire wedding party was non-stop fun & laughs. A beautiful ceremony at St. Ann's in West Scranton and a top notch reception at Fiorelli's in Peckville (highly recommended by me for any future brides out there reading). Probably one of the short but fun highlights of the day was the "bar stop". What's the "bar stop"? The "bar stop" is when your photographer recognizes that the wedding party has had enough of the outdoor photos in heat & humidity (it was bad that day) and suggests we change things up a bit by going somewhere cool and with beverages. Some photographers claim to "capture the love" or "embrace the romance" and that sort of mushy novel stuff...Me? I like to take awesome photographs and make sure my clients are having fun while being comfortable. Needless to say, this photographer's popularity level with everyone in the limos rose exponentially at this moment...I even managed to get in a photo for a change! (pictured last)

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Lindsey & Jeff engagement....Part 1

Lindsey & Jeff are awesome local clients of mine getting married at the Scranton Cultural Center this summer. Being the outdoorsy types and Lindsey looooves her kids (the dogs), we decided to do a 2 part engagement session. This is Part One where we took advantage of the snow on the ground and took the dogs up the Lake Scranton and also managed to squeeze in some night shots in dowtown Scranton at the Lackawanna County Courthouse where we used only the glow of all the Christmas lights to get great mood light shots. Hoping to shoot part 2 in the coming weeks with better weather and a little more formal dress attire. Enjoy!