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Are you ready for 2016?

Your seeing a lot of engagement sessions here because today's 2016 brides are on the ball! It's been a crazy Fall season for this NEPA Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer with back to back weddings, engagements shoots every Sunday and getting ready for awesome family Christmas mini-sessions on the Waverly Tree Farm - a Steven Serge Photography exclusive for our area!

Enough of my schedule, on to Michele & Bill: WOW! We scheduled their shoot for last Sunday and when Michele stepped out of the car I actually felt bad that we didn't do these on a Friday night so she could hit the town with her hubby dressed to the 9's. We kept their session well planned by doing some fashion style shots in Downtown Scranton & then went home to throw on some awesome casual Fall clothes and grab Dudley the dog as I'm always a fan of bringing a couple's pet in the images. It just make a "real life" session more real. Incredible light, fall foliage, The Everhart Museum and these two made for a session that was impossible to take a bad photo... Enjoy their engagement photos and call or email sooner than later if your engaged - most of the popular '16 dates are already filled in.

-Steve (570) 815-6880

Capturing emotion...

I kept this part of Aleine & Matt's day separate because, well,  it deserved it. As a photographer, particularly one who shoots as photo journalistic, un-posed and candid as possible, sometimes capturing "true emotion" all depends on if the true emotion presents itself in the first place. Shortly after their "first look" session, Aleine grabs me and says "Hey, I need you to come into the Caboose with us. I have something for Matt and want to surprise him." 

So I'm walking into the Caboose at Columbia Station thinking, she probably got him a nice watch or maybe some big honeymoon surprise trip...It turns out Matt's Mom had already passed and is no longer with us.  Aleine and Matt's father secretly had his mother's wedding ring turned into a pendant for Aleine to wear as a necklace & she waited until their wedding day to tell & show him. I'm not sure who watered up more at this moment, myself or Matt but I managed to capture this touching private moment with watery vision and quite frankly, was honored to do so...