valentine's day photographer

Mary & Mike...A lesson in winter weddings.

A wedding photographer is there from start to finish. A wedding photographer also needs to be a wedding planner and have a back up plan along with a back up plan for the back up plan (if that makes any sense lol). Mary & Mike got married on Valentine's Day 2015. If you happen to recall, you were probably snug on the couch this day as most dinner plans got cancelled due to high winds, 20 degree temps and blizzard like snow squalls that night. While that certainly didn't affect the reception/party, it sure thru a curve ball for doing some in-between photos. As efficiently as possible, we took advantage of the picturesque daytime snow at Nay Aug Park and then scooted over to a secret spot I have at the University of Scranton for some warm-up time and stunning portraits. Enjoy!