Steven Serge Holiday Sessions 2016



the 2018 Christmas Campfire experience.

Let’s tell a little story…

A lone Christmas tree in a field discovered by you and your family. Blankets, Christmas lights and decorations. Let’s build a campfire. Let’s decorate the tree. Let’s celebrate you and your family spending time together. An amazing time outdoors in a story book setting. Laughing. Being excited. Roasting marshmallows. This isn’t “sit & say cheese” with Santa - this is an event - a magical event. Don’t even tell the kids they are going for photos because it won’t even feel anything like that. Let’s capture your family at a magical age & time of wonder. Let’s turn it into heirloom memories. All this wrapped up in an event that your children won’t want to leave.

And Steve will be there to guide and document the entire experience.

These are private sessions and very limited availability.

New clients are welcome.

Current Steven Serge Photography clients receive pre-booking availability.

Please contact Steve for availability and information.

We will update here when sessions are sold out as they typically do.

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