The Ultimate Mother's Day Family Portrait

Ultimate Portrait.png

Aren't we forgetting someone?

Hey, I get it...We all want that 8x10 for the Scranton-Times of Mom & the kiddos and we're going to make that but do you know what Mom really wants? A stunning group family photo of the family proudly displayed in the home. 

And I'm not talking 8x10 stuff here (which is a desktop sized photo in case you didn't know). I'm talking about the ultimate family of photo of EVERYONE including DAD (don't sweat it Dad's, I'll make this quick and painless). What's only second to getting dad in the photo is that we are going to CUSTOM DESIGN and APPROPRIATELY SIZE it for DISPLAY your home for years and decades to come. Maybe a 20x30 mounted watercolor canvas print in a beautiful custom barnwood frame? Or how about a timeless black and white 30x40 mounted & matted with a clean line black frame to compliment your wall & decor. Or let's just go museum quality and do the 40x60 in an ornate Victorian frame that will make paintings at the Everhart jealous. 

Oh, and we're still going to do that traditional Mom with kids photo - we're just going to bring Dad along and make an heirloom piece for your home even though he doesn't know it yet. ;-)

Call or email for details. Spots are limited.

Pre-purchase sale before March 1 2018. (570) 815-6880