WHY steven serge photography?

  1. All custom sessions include a pre-consultation where we will come up with a creative vision tailored to your likes, tastes and families true personality. 
  2. All custom sessions are scheduled at the perfect time of day to ensure you are receiving the best light and images possible. All sessions allow for a date change in the event of bad weather or harsh overcast because who wants photos on a dreary day?
  3. Steve is one of the only photographers in the area that includes with all custom sessions an in-home follow up appointment to view and help you select the finest quality Prints, Framed Prints and Canvases for your home or loved ones.
  4. Steve is not only the father of two small boys but Steve's wife happens to be a Catholic school teacher. This ensures lots and lots of daily practice & advice interacting with kids and families to bring out the best in his clients in front of a camera.
  5. Steve's photographs and products are timeless. Unlike that big flat screen tv on your wall that was outdated in 18 months, Steve will produce portraits of your family that will become family heirlooms. Timeless for ages and handed down to your kids in years to come.


"I love the art of shooting and I love the fun it can produce with the right clients, plain and simple. If you aren't having an awesomely  fun time having photos taken then you aren't doing it right (or hired the wrong photographer). More importantly, I love to show clients how EASY it is to get amazing images like these."

My #1 remark from clients is they cannot believe how easy & fun the photography part of their day went. And of course that they LOOOVE their products.



- Steve Serge (570) 815-6880